I’ve mastered the art of shutting people off.

Anonymous said: @anon this a blog about a show about WOMEN hell you doing wanting them to stan for the men go home
Anonymous said: this blog is very biased

We’re allowed to have fav characters that ain’t a crime, If you would like to see more of another character just ask don’t be passive about it.


Laura Prepon shooting scenes for S3 of OITNB

Anonymous said: "Scatter the nuns" are three words I genuinely did not think I would ever hear together. Like. Scatter the nuns. NUNS. If we can scatter nuns, we can do anything. My whole world is upside down. I don't even know what is real anymore. Scatter the fucking nuns. Fucking scatter 'em. Run, nuns, run. *screams eternally*



Since I’m looking for ways to procrastinate, let me list you some awesome lines and (out of context) caps. 

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Everything ends. Even prison. Try to focus on that.